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The transmission of heritage is a real ambition for the French, according to a study by Lite lender carried out by the cabinet Elabe. In this study, Lite lender examines the report of respondents with stone. An attachment that is found from generation to generation.

Stone: the preferred investment of the French

Stone: the preferred investment of the French

Real estate is the preferred placement for the respondents. It allows you to have a roof over your head… and to pass it on to your heirs (54%). In France, more than half of households own their homes.

This ownership rate logically increases with age and changes in income.

In detail, are owners:

  • 16% of those under thirty,

  • 49% of 30-39 year olds,

  • 58% of 40-49 year olds,

  • 62% of 50-59 year olds,

  • 72% of 60 and over.

Building up of assets with a mortgage

Building up of assets with a mortgage

The vast majority of real estate acquisitions are made through a mortgage. Some elements must be compared before subscribing. This is particularly the case for the real estate rate but also for the loan insurance contract. This covers the borrower, and his co-borrower if necessary, in the event of death, incapacity for work or invalidity. Behind these rather anxiety-provoking terms, there is the question of the transmission of property debt and property to the heirs.

Home loan insurance protects the assets constituted by the implementation of guarantees. In the event of death, accident, disability, it will take care of the monthly payments of the credit or even of the capital remaining due, according to the chosen quota and the guarantees covered. In this case, only the inheritance will be transmitted… and not the debt.

Compare home loan insurance

Compare home loan insurance

When taking out a mortgage, you have the possibility of competing with the banks in order to obtain the best mortgage loan insurance rate. As we explained to you earlier, the amount of insurance is not the only factor to take into account. You will have to read the small lines of the contract to be sure to sign the most protective contract for you and your loved ones.

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