Consolidation for debtors with debt collectors

Hello, I have big debts, among others unpaid alimonies, telephone debts, fines, etc. etc. some 20,000 still, I do not want these debts to go to my husband (Moltek has been my husband for half a year), I started work and the bailiff takes 60% of my salary, my husband also has his debts, although it’s not as much as mine.

We don’t have enough to support the family, fees, and even food this month. I learned that we can sell / give our debts to a company that will pay us back, but we will have one debt from one company, ie one installment, we know when and what amount and we would really have calm heads. Does such a system really exist?


Consolidation for debtors with a bailiff

Consolidation for debtors with a bailiff

If you are interested in one installment instead of many that you have, then you certainly want a debt consolidation loan. I will point out right away that you have nothing to look for in banks, because due to bailiff seizure your bank will reject your application immediately.

You can only look for help in financing your debts with loan companies, taking a consolidation loan, or loan companies specializing in debt consolidation.

I will immediately point out that consolidating all your debts into one debt and one monthly installment is not always a good solution. However, the profitability of such an operation can only be assessed with the offer of a given loan company in front of it.

If, as you write, your total debt is currently around 20 thousand dollars, this is not such a large debt and it seems to me that you can easily pay those debts and go straight without consolidation.

Remember that the worse your credit history and creditworthiness, the more expensive such consolidation will be for you. And as you probably realize, having a debt collection, you can’t expect a good offer to consolidate your debt.

That is why consolidation for debtors with debt collectors is rarely profitable. Consolidation should be thought of much earlier, when it seems to us that we are slowly starting to keep up with the current repayment of debt.

However, if you have debts that can be seen in BIK (delay in repayment exceeding 60 days), then the chance to get a good offer for consolidation decreases significantly.




You write that you took a job, unfortunately I do not know if your husband also works, but I want to draw your attention to the fact that which loan company you would not turn to, they will examine your creditworthiness and determine whether you can financially repay the consolidation loan installments.

Of course, the process of testing your ability by a loan company is not as time-consuming and complex as in the case of a bank, but nevertheless you have to prove yourself with relatively good earnings.

You can increase the chances of obtaining consolidation by giving the loan company something against the loan, car, plot, apartment, house, etc. Significantly then we increase our own contribution and consolidation for debtors with debt collectors becomes a viable goal.

To sum up everything I wrote: is it possible to consolidate loans and borrowers with a bailiff? Of course, yes, but in your life and financial situation, you should seek help not from the bank that provides the cheapest consolidation loans, but from a loan company.


Consolidation loan with bailiff seizure – sample calculation at $ 20,000

Consolidation loan with bailiff seizure - sample calculation at $ 20,000

At an interest rate of 7.99%, the monthly installment for consolidation at $ 20,000 is $ 627, and the total cost of using such a loan to pay off other liabilities is $ 5,744, ie by borrowing $ 20,000 for 3 years (36 months) , you will have to pay $ 25,744.